Mom’s Sewing Machine


It’s year 2 of our “Disney Musicals in Schools” grant in coordination with the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, WI.   Along with 5 other staff members from my school,  we are in week 17 of rehearsal for our production of Aristocats Kids! We have “serious fun” after school two times a week in rehearsal – singing, dancing and acting. The students are thrilled to be using their tails for rehearsal.

Again this year, my mother offered to help out with costumes. I cut out, ironed, stuffed tails – she did the sewing. After using 200 yards of black thread and lots of black, brown, and  white fur we have finished the tails for our cats and dogs! Together,  we also made colorful bandannas for all of our jazzy alley cats to wear.

My mother’s sewing machine is a real work horse. It didn’t complain once. I fondly remember this old machine, with my  mother’s home economics talent, creating many Halloween costumes, holiday outfits as well as many pairs of shorts and t-shirts for myself and my brothers. I also learned to sew with this machine and completed projects for 4-H. Now, this same machine is contributing to the imagination of our “cats, dogs and mouse” as they dance, sing and act their way into Paris and the French countryside.

Thank you Mom from the cast of Aristocats Kids -we are so thankful for your costume making expertise!

Here is a link to the Disney Musicals in Schools program in coordination with the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, WI.

Disney Musicals in Schools

Our performance of Jungle Book Kids -2017 onstage at the Overture Center for the Arts:

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I am a full-time elementary teacher in an urban school and a writer. My book about One Room Schools describes teaching and learning in one room, with one teacher and eight grades. My book, Old Farm County Cookbook, is a collaboration with my father, Jerry Apps. It's a collection of stories and recipes from my Grandma's white, wooden recipe box from the days when she cooked on a wood stove in the 1930s and 1940s. I enjoy blogging about writing and books, teaching and learning from the past and today.
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