Robins, Worms and Spring Mud

The robins have returned to our spring playground. We learned the song “Rockin Robin” and watched videos of the original black and white version by Bobby Day and the one Michael Jackson sang.

We also had a wet, recess day with worms all over the blacktop! The second graders proclaimed it a “worm emergency”! Without understanding why the worms had all crawled out of the grass, they proceeded to pick them up and return them to the school garden where where they were “safe” – away from a stray, bouncing square ball. One little girl, however, picked up a large worm and tried to feed the birds. She stood on the blacktop and held it up, calling “Birdies! Birdies!” Did she really think a bird would fly down and eat a worm out of her hand? I think she did!

With spring comes the mud season. Lots of mud. When the students come in from lunch recess, they try to wipe the mud off of their pants and shoes. The boys, especially, are very protective of their shoes. If I would let them, they would spend all afternoon at the sink in our room trying to get the mud off of their shoes. I don’t tell them, “I told you not to go in the mud” because really, it is impossible. Our grassy playground has lots of mud. There is some mulch under the play structure, but the “big field” where kids run around is full of mud patches. So, by afternoon, when it is time to go home, the mud in the room has dried up and there is dirt on the floor. Luckily, there are some students who love to sweep. So, the last thing to do is try to sweep up some of the recess mud before going home. The forecast for this week after spring break is wet and rainy. So, we are not done with mud season yet!

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One Response to Robins, Worms and Spring Mud

  1. Jerold Apps says:

    I like the mud stories, and the memories of mud, mud and more mud at our country school that I attended so many years ago.

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