Read Your Heart Out Day

DSCN2895DSCN2908Once a year in February, my school has a special reading day called “Read Your Heart Out Day”.  All day long, staff from the school, folks who volunteer regularly, high school students, parents and special guests visit classrooms and read one or two books aloud to the class.

Readers arrive to special fifth grade hosts who accompany them to the library to choose a book. Then, the readers are welcomed into classrooms. We stop doing our classwork and gather at the carpet to listen to stories.

It is so much fun for the kids to hear so many books read aloud  in one day! My class heard the classic story about a flower smelling bull in  Ferdinand by Munro Leaf –  read by our very own Mayor Soglin!  They knew the mayor was scheduled to come to our room and I had prepared them for this special guest. After a review lesson about the job description of the president, a governor and a mayor, they were ready. Apparently, knowing that the Mayor is “in charge”of the whole city was enough for them to show respect and listen carefully.  They were a wonderful audience!

We also heard the book Peter’s Chair read by Mr. Thomas, a retired high school principal. The students were interested in his fun attitude toward reading. He showed us a photo of his grandchild on his cell phone  – he explained that he reads aloud to him, just as he read aloud to his own children when they were little.

A day full of fun stories and a reminder about the importance of reading aloud to children. Thanks to all of our guest readers!

(The views on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the views, opinions, vision or strategies of the Madison Metropolitan School District.)

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