Science Night

Last week, we had our yearly Science Night at school.  It is a great way for families to gather at school in the evening, get something to eat at the potluck, as well as talk with teachers and science experts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and Madison College (formerly M.A.T.C.). Students received an Observations Notebook when they arrived. As they visited each station, they recorded their observations and had the station supervisor initial them . If they completed at least 5 stations, they earned a prize!

This year’s stations included making a “moon lander” – each student had to create a space shuttle strong enough to protect the astronaut marshmallows inside. Then the “shuttle” was dropped from a high point to test the strength. 

The second and third grade classes also used marshmallows and toothpicks to build structures and bridges. 

Other stations included learning about balance and motion, making “slime”, using vinegar to clean pennies, making cheese, and looking at bugs through microscopes.

A popular station was getting to meet “Shadow”, the music teacher’s pet hedgehog!

We also had a special guest artist in the art room. Victor Castro is an artist who helps children create art using recycled materials. Students brought in many cottage cheese, yogurt, and styrofoam mushroom containers. With the help of a few clothespins, these materials were made into art that will hang in our public library!


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