Love Is In the February Air!

I have been liking you 001

Love is in the air in second grade! This is a note that one of my students passed to a girl during math class written secretly, when I wasn’t looking, in purple marker. It was intercepted by my co-teacher and math class continued on as normal. Can you read it? If you are a primary teacher, you probably can.

To translate, it says, “I love  you. I have been liking you. Do you like me? Answer the question. Do you like me?”

Obviously, the note showed me a bit of work that needs to be done with spelling, punctuation and knowing that the word “I is always upper-case”.  However, it was a sincere little love note that prompted a class discussion about “no girlfriends and boyfriends” in second grade!

At the one-room school, students made valentines and passed them out to each other. Some were purchased and some were hand made from construction paper hearts and doilies. Often, the mothers were invited for a party. They brought cookies or cake for everyone to share.

Some things have stayed the same.  Like the one-room school students, my class looked forward to the day they could bring their valentines to pass out to each other. Each student decorated a paper bag with hearts and their name on it.

On Valentine’s Day,  when it was time to pass out the valentines, there was a flurry of activity with kids going from desk to desk to put valentines into the bags. I got some valentines too! It is always interesting to see what characters from television, movies and  computer games make it onto a valentine. This year’s valentines included Sponge bob, Angry Birds, the Dum-Dum drum man (a kind of candy sucker) the Avengers, Madagascar, wild safari animals and press on tattoos.


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